Losing a loved one can make you feel like your world has fallen apart. You might find it hard to concentrate, sleep or eat.

Emotional support

Grief can make you feel many different things and everyone deals with it in different ways. It's really important that you talk to family and friends about how you feel.

If you have recently lost a loved one and are finding it difficult to come to terms with, it might even help talking abut things with a complete stranger. Speak to your GP and they can refer you for counselling if necessary.

Cruse Bereavement Care has a national helpline and can help support you after the death of someone close. You can also contact the Bereavement Support Team at Salford Royal on 0161 206 5175.

Age UK have a helpful online leaflet about dealing with grief whatever your age.

Registering the death

If the person has died in Salford, you should contact Salford Registry Office within five days on 0161 909 6501 to make an appointment to register the death.

Planning a funeral

There are lots of decisions to make when planning a funeral. The high cost of a funeral is a shock to many people. If you are on a very low income there may be ways of either reducing costs or seeking help via a Funeral Payment. How much you get will depend on your circumstances.

Organisations such as Salford CAB and Age UK Salford can help with speaking to funeral directors to make it clear what kind of budget you have before arrrangements are made.

Things to deal with

There are other matters which also need dealing with as soon as possible after someone has died, such as informing benefit and pension providers. The Money Advice Service helps you go through everything you need to take care of when someone dies.

Wills and probate

Another thing to deal with is the person’s will if they made one. Salford CAB can help explain procedures such as probate (dealing with someone’s estate after they have died). They can also help you to minimise what you need from a solicitor - saving you money.