Am I a carer?

Do you provide unpaid care for soemone who:

  • is ill, frail, or disabled?
  • has mental health problems?
  • has drugs, alcohol, or substance misuse problems?

...then you're a carer.

It might be a partner, child, relative, friend or neighbour – anyone who could not manage without your help.

You can ask Salford Council to do an assessment and find out if you are entitled to help such as the Carer’s Allowance or Carer’s Personal Budget as well as how to get practical and emotional support. It doesn't matter how old you are or what your relationship is with the person you look after. 

What help is available?

Salford Carer’s Centre can help you access a wide range of services that could help make things easier for you. As well as providing support and advice they also run support groups and other events and activities.

They can support both adult and young carers (aged 8-24) where you have caring responsibilities for a member of your family or household.

The NHS Caring with Confidence programme gives carers a better understanding of the problems they face and helps them find new ways to tackle them. It's available as a free online learning programme or a series of downloadable courses to complete in your own time.

NHS Carers Direct  offers practical advice to carers and a free support hotline. You might also find the page useful.

There are many support groups and organisations across Salford and you can find details of these in the Support Groups for Carers in Salford booklet.

Worried about dementia?

Are you worried about your memory or that of a loved one? There's no need to worry as there's lots of support available in Salford for people who are suffering from memory problems. Read the Dementia support page to find out more information.