Disability support in Salford

Disability should not be a barrier to a fulfilling, active life. You can access everything from inclusive sports, activities and drama groups, through to help and support with SEND (special educational needs and disability).

Getting support for children and young people

Every child learns differently. If you feel your child needs extra support, find out about Salford’s Local Offer.

This gives you all the information you need about the local help available for children and young people with special educational needs or disabilities (SEND) and how to access it.

Salford also has plenty of groups and activities for disabled children and young people to enjoy in holiday time or after school.

Keeping active

Having a physical disability or learning difficulty shouldn’t stop you from keeping active or joining groups that interest you.

There are loads of opportunities in Salford to get involved in, including inclusive sport and creative groups. Both can boost independence, learning and keep you fit and healthy.

Getting support at work

If you have a disability, Remploy can provide you with help getting into employment or support once you are in work. 

You can also talk to a Disability Employment Adviser (DEA) at your local Jobcentre who can help you find a job or gain new skills and tell you about disability friendly employers in your area. You can call 0345 604 3719 to find out more.

Help in and outside the home

If you or a member of your family has a disability, you may be entitled to extra care and support arranged by your local council to help you live as normally as possible.

The council will assess your needs, offer advice and information and decide whether they will cover the cost of your care needs or if you need to make a contribution.

You could be eligible for help such as adaptations to your home, for example a stair lift or money to arrange and pay for your own care. You can also find out more about financial help available.