Why stay healthy?

How can you enjoy all the things that make you happy if you're not well? So what's stopping you? Make a change now and you'll soon feel the difference!

Small changes can make a difference! Make just a few healthy changes will help you live a longer, happier, and healthier life and help you avoid nasty conditions like cancer, heart disease, diabetes and dementia.

Living with a health condition?

If you're living with a long term health condition then taking steps to stay healthy will help yu to feel fitter and happier. Just make sure you talk to your GP or healthcare team first.

Why not visit our Long Term Conditions pages for specific advice and support for common conditions and how to live with them.

Take care of your health

Exercising, eating healthier and losing weight should help to keep you in good shape and fight off illness. However there will be times when you'll feel under the weather.

Visit our Feeling Unwell page for what you can do at home and when you should get a little help.

Look after your mind

Your emotional health is just as important as taking care of your body! If your head isn't in the right place it's going to be tough making healthy changes.

Learning how to deal with stress and anxiety, relax and be happy will have a big impact on how you live life. Knowing where to turn for support is also important, so visit our Feelings and emotions pages for more advice and support.

Get active, stay active

Regular exercise is a great stressbuster, helps burn extra calories to help weightloss, and helps the body to fight off bugs and avoid healthy conditions.

Being active doesn't mean just slaving away in a gym. Find an activity you enjoy and go for it! Visit our Keeping active page for more advice.

Make the right food choices

Healthy eating doesn't mean banning yourself from your favourite foods. You can still have treats and snacks, just in sensible portions.

Eating a balanced diet with all the right foods will give you everything your body needs to keep in top condition and avoid nasty health conditions. Visit the Healthy eating page for more.

Watch your weight

Carrying those extra pounds increases your risk of allsorts of things, like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.

Losing weight or even keeping to a healthy weight will help you avoid these things and have you feeling great. Visit the Healthy weight for more on this.

Don't overdo the drink

Most of us enjoy a drink or two but too much alcohol puts strain on your vital organs, adds extra calories to your diet and affects your sleeping and mental health.

It also increases your risk of cancer, heart disease, liver and kidney disease. If you have a condition already then heavy drinking will only make things worse.

Try sticking to safe limits and give yourself time off from drinking, your body will thank you for it. Our Alcohol pages have more help and advice.

Quit smoking or cut down

Smoking seriously damages your health, leads to conditions like COPD and increases your risk of cancer and heart disease. Not to mention cigarattes cost a bomb!

Quitting or even cutting down will make a big difference to your health and your wallet, so visit the Smoking page for more advice.