Feel better

Quit smoking
and save money

You’ll feel better about yourself, improve your health and you’ll save money that you can spend on other things – like a holiday! Did you know 1,000 people in Salford have quit in the past 9 months? You can too! See more health benefits of quitting.

Save money

Smoking 20 a day will cost you around £50 a week. When you quit, that’s an extra £200 a month – or £2,600 a year! If there’s more than one smoker in your household, that’s a lot of money which could be saved. Making a goal to save money can be a good way of motivating yourself to quit.  Write down your goal, such as a family holiday, and use it to remind you every time you get a craving. Work out how much you could be saving right now using the NHS quit smoking calculator.

It's better for your baby

Are you pregnant or planning a pregnancy? Smoking reduces male and female fertility and leads to a higher risk of problems such as miscarriage and premature birth. There is also thought to be a link with smoking and cot death. Salford has a specialist Smoking in Pregnancy Service to help you give up – protecting your baby and making your pregnancy healthier. Call them today on 0161 206 4542.  

Ill health

If you have a long-term or life-threatening health condition, it still makes sense to quit.  Making your lifestyle more healthy will help your recovery and you’ll get noticeable health benefits. Find out more about making small changes to make a big difference to your condition.

Prepare for an operation

Need to quit smoking to have an operation? Salford Royal Hospital Stop Smoking Service can help you. Call them on 0161 206 7259.